Vegetation classification for greenery maintenance

In the fall of 2017 HiView has conducted several flight operations for Eelerwoude, a Dutch greenery maintenance company. During this project, HiView has closely cooperated with our partner Borgman Beheer from Wageningen.

Succeeding a former similar operation in 2016, HiView's Flying Sensors, equipped with NIR cams, were deployed to fly above military drill terrains. Locations were at Leusderheide and the Waalsdorpervlakte, both in the Netherlands. The objective was to produce DEMs and vegetation classification maps. Upcoming young trees (pine, birch, beech) and vegetation like shrubs and heather, have been classified to accommodate the greenery maintenance.

The map shows the different types of trees that were classified using our NIR cams at the Leusderheide military training grounds.