SWIMM - Soil Water evaluation system based on Integrated Measurements and Modelling


Hoefsloot Spatial Solution
Province of Brabant




Groundwater levels and water management in many nature conservation areas in The Netherlands do not meet vegetation needs. Policy measures have been taken since the 1980’s, often accompanied by field monitoring programs. Groundwater levels are often monitored by biweekly or monthly measurements, but it is often unclear what measures have been taken where, when and to what extent.


Furthermore, the consequences of climate change effects on hydrology and nature adds more uncertainty or might need policy change. Through scientific knowledge, up to date information sources, and by modern communication tools, the gap between theory and practice has been bridged. The project used Flying Sensors (drones, uav) data to setup an interaction between policy makers and stakeholders. HiView used Flying Sensors extensively to monitor the three pilot areas (Kampina-Smalbroeken, Brabantse Wal, and Groote Peel) to this end.


With this project HiView supported the development of an all-inclusive database for better management of nature conservation areas in Southern-Netherlands by deploying its Flying Sensors.