Dike Monitoring Using Flying sensors

The Netherlands has thousands of kilometers of dikes that protect the country from flooding. All these dikes are monitored on a yearly base and more sensitive sections even more frequently. “Walking over the dike” is still the preferred method, but has high resource costs.

For a waterboard in the Northern part of the country, parts of these dikes are now monitored using HiView’s Flying Sensors. By looking at dike heights and vegetation on and near the dike early detection of potential weak dikes is possible at a higher reliability level at lower costs.

The monitoring is done using HiView’s Egret and Pelican platforms. Based on the raw imagery the following information is derived:

  • Digital Elevation Model
  • Images in visible spectrum
  • Vegetation status.

This information will be collected at an interval of four months at ultra-high resolutions of 3x3 centimeter. By comparing the information from various periods changes in heights and in vegetation can be detected automatically. The images in the visible spectrum can subsequently being used for manual inspection and, if needed, by field visits.

The project was undertaken in collaboration with FutureWater and Wetterskip Fryslân.