AgriDrone: Netherlands Farmer Integrates Flying Sensor Information


A Dutch farmer in one of the highly productive areas in the Netherlands (Swifterband in the Flevopolde­r) uses the services of HiView to improve his decision making. Based on monthly information collected using Flying Sensors decisions on where and when to apply resources, such as fertilizer, irrigation and pest control, were obtained.


The project shows that information can be integrated in the farmer’s management. Especially the information collected in the near-infrared spectrum and the reliability of regular monitoring have supported the farmer’s decision making process.


Every month during the growing season the entire farm was monitored using HiView’s Pelican and Egret. The first one monitors crops in the near-infrared spectrum, while the latter observes the crops in the visible light (RGB). Original imagery had a resolution of 3 x 3 centimeter which was resampled to 5 x 5 centimeter for the final product. Two days after the flights the farmer received the final imagery in four different ways:

  • Visible light (red-green-blue)
  • Near-infrared
  • Vegetation index (NDVI)
  • Anomalies per field.


“The information provided in the near-infrared is of paramount importance to the farmer”, says Jan van Til, HiView’s fully certified Flying Sensor operator, “Near-infrared imagery detects crop stress five to ten days earlier compared to the human eye”. The Flying Sensor information was also used to display within a field where crop underperformed so that appropriate actions could be taken by the farmer. Using this information brings precision agriculture to a higher level, since actual crop performance is used, instead of experiences from previous growing seasons.


The project was undertaken in collaboration with FutureWater , AquaDemia  and financial support was provided by Climate-KIC